The Fort Nelson Community Literacy Society (FNCLS) is a non-profit organization devoted to lifelong learning.

FNCLS promotes learning through tutoring, workshops, community learning events, capacity development, social development and community development. Our goal is to increase the literacy levels in our community through our work and promoting the work of the service organizations. Our view of literacy is very broad and includes financial literacy, health literacy, physical literacy and emotional literacy. We exist to create literacy programming for adults and families and we support the literacy programming that is currently available in our community through other organizations. We have created and continue to create partnerships in the community to help identify gaps that our services can fill as well as to cross promote programming. Our hope is that our work will allow our community to have a healthier population that is better prepared to enter the workforce, continue on to post-secondary education or give their knowledge and skills back the community. We strive to have the population see learning as a valuable commodity to be celebrated and shared.

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Vision: Learning For Life

Mission: FNCLS is committed to providing literacy services to all members of the Northern Rockies Community.